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Road Services - Radar Readerboard Project

You can help solve speeding problems in your neighborhood. One of the most frequent requests made to the King County Sheriff's Office and Road Services Division, is the need to address speeding along residential streets in unincorporated King County.

The Radar/Readerboard Project has been established to help reduce neighborhood speeding. It can help you and your neighbors make your community safer.

What is the Radar Readerboard Project?

A County vehicle is equipped with an electronic readerboard sign connected to a speed radar unit. The equipment is loaned to a neighborhood after its representative receives brief, special training on its use and a police records check. The equipment is taken to the neighborhood, set up safely along the residential street, and shows passing drivers their speeds as they drive by.

Through use of the radar/readerboard equipment, local residents themselves monitor and record the speed of cars, trucks and other vehicles that drive through their neighborhoods.

What does the project accomplish?

In short, this is an effective, inexpensive educational program that helps everyone affected by a neighborhood speeding problem, by:

  • helping speeding motorists become aware of their own violations;
  • making community members more aware of the extent of the speeding problem;
  • helping the police department prioritize their enforcement efforts;
  • helping traffic engineers solve signage, sight distance and other local speed related problems.

The speed of each passing vehicle — whether or not it is speeding — will be recorded on a form that is provided by the county. When the study is complete, the information is presented to the King County Police Traffic Analyst and the Road Services Neighborhood Traffic Safety Coordinator for analysis.

You can help make your street safer

King County Road Services and the King County Sheriff's Office hope that you will help make your streets safer by starting a Radar Readerboard project in your neighborhood. There is no charge for this service. It simply involves a little time from two or three concerned residents.

If you and other residents in your neighborhood would like more information about the use the Radar/Readerboard Project or would like to sign up, contact a King County Sheriff's Office precinct or substation or Road Services Traffic Engineering.

For a copy of the project brochure or for more information and assistance please contact Road Services Traffic Engineering.

King County Road Services Division
Traffic Engineering
201 South Jackson Street
Seattle, WA 98104
1-800-527-6237 toll-free
206-296-0176 fax
TTY: 711 Relay Service

Information from the Road Services Division's website is available to people with disabilities in alternate formats upon request by calling 206-477-3839 or 711 for the TTY relay service.

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A King County Sheriff's deputy and a traffic safety specialist help a citizen set up a speed radar unit.
A King County Sheriff's deputy and a traffic safety specialist help a citizen set up a speed radar unit.

Car driving through a neighborhood goes past a readerboard.
Car driving past a readerboard.