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Grants Section

The Grants Administration Section of the Office of Regional Transportation Planning has three main areas of responsibility: grants development, grants management, and grants financial administration. The following lists the goals for these interrelated disciplines:

  • Grants Development
    • Develop Department priorities and projects for grant funding and ensure grant applications are consistent with the mission and goals of the department.
    • Represent the Department at regional forums and promote Departmental interests, projects, and programs.
    • Coordinate projects with other local agencies and jurisdictions.
    • Coordinate with granting agencies on grant process criteria and fund distribution to projects and agencies.
  • Grant Management
    • Provide oversight and assistance to ensure grant funded projects are properly managed in accordance with federal and state guidelines.
    • Represent Department with external organizations to assist with federally funded pass-through projects.
    • Represent the Department with granting agencies in resolving grant management issues and advocate on behalf of Department positions and interpretations of federal rules and regulations.
    • Negotiate, review and write agreements on behalf of the Department for grant funded projects in the region.
  • Grant Financial Administration
    • Ensure proper accounting is employed for all grant funded activities.
    • Produce timely and accurate billings and financial reports to meet state and federal agency requirements.
    • Assist the Department in the coordination of state and federal audits of grants under the section's administration.
    • Provide the grant needs assessment for the section in financial systems modification planning and in financial system replacement processes.  

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