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Noise management

Fly Quiet program

The Fly Quiet Program is a voluntary program designed to encourage aircraft operators to use flight patterns and procedures that reduce noise in communities in the neighborhood of King County International Airport. The airport’s Noise Office is a timely resource for in-depth analysis and credible data about flight operations and noise monitoring reports.

Noise monitoring

The purpose of the Noise Monitoring program is to provide reliable and consistent noise metric data to measure the success of noise reduction strategies in communities surrounding the airport. The program collects noise data from six permanent noise monitors strategically located in neighborhoods near the airport.

For more information about monitoring activities near you and other aspects of the noise monitoring program, please send your questions or comments to the King County international Airport’s Noise Office.


Flight tracking

King County International Airport/Boeing Field added flight tracking to its noise monitoring system in 1998. This system was upgraded in 2005, 2008, and 2013 in order to have the best available technology to identify the actual flight path aircraft operators use when departing and arriving at KBFI. KBFI’s Noise Office correlates calls to its Noise Information Line with flights and noise measurements. In combination, flight tracking and noise monitoring improve the airport’s ability to determine which operators are in compliance or deviating from FAA regulations and/or KBFI’s Fly Quiet program flight procedures.

Report noise incidents

Phone: 206-205-KCIA (5242)
Online: Noise incident report form

Residents of King County are encouraged to contact King County International Airport’s Noise Information Office by phone or e-mail to report noise events and for investigative analysis using noise and flight tracking data.

King County Part 150 Noise and Land Use Compatibility Study

Read the study on our planning page.