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Veterans Citizen Oversight Board


The King County Veterans Citizen Oversight Board (VCOB) monitors and reviews the expenditure of the veteran portion of levy proceeds in accordance with an adopted Service Improvement Plan, which guides the activities of the King County Veterans and Human Services Levy. Specific duties include:

  • Becoming familiar with the Service Improvement Plan
  • Reviewing funding proposals
  • Assuring that funding plans follow guidelines in the Service Improvement Plan
  • Providing recommendations about the expenditure of the veteran portion of levy proceeds
  • Providing recommendations and reports to the County Council as required
  • Providing recommendations to the County Council on the issue of a levy renewal or replacement proposition prior to 2011

Board Composition

This 12-member citizen oversight board is comprised of residents of King County with a diverse, balanced representation of people from different groups, organizations, and experiences.  Members may not be elected or appointed officials of any unit of government. Nine members are chosen to represent county council districts and the remaining three are at-large members appointed by the King County Executive.  The King County Veterans Program Advisory Board is expected to recommend three members to become the Executive's appointees.  Board members are appointed for three-year terms and may be reappointed. The board requirements are described in King County Ordinance 15279 (Sept. 2005) and King County Ordinance 15406 (April 2006). View board members.


Strategy #1: Enhancing services and access for veterans: Committee reviews proposals and provides recommendations specifically related to projects working to enhance services and access for veterans.

Strategy #2: Ending homelessness: Committee reviews proposals and provides recommendations specifically related to projects working to end homelessness through outreach, prevention, permanent supportive housing, and employment.

Strategy #3: Behavioral health services: Committee reviews proposals and provides recommendations specifically related to projects working to increase access to behavioral health services.

Fiscal and Evaluation Committee: Committee focuses on the fiscal monitoring and evaluation of projects fuand training.


A Veterans and Human Services Levy implementation ordinance (PDF) received approval by the King County Council on April 10, 2006.  The legislation approved by the council required the development of a service improvement plan outlining the use of the levy proceeds and the roles of and process for appointing the members of the citizen oversight boards.

How to become a board member

Qualifications: The primary criterion for membership is an interest in improving the lives of veterans, military personnel, and their families in our community. This board welcomes applicants with specific experience in veteran services.

Time commitment: These positions are unpaid, volunteer positions. Members should expect to serve on at least one subcommittee and will spend between five and ten hours each month in meeting time (regular and subcommittee).  The frequency of subcommittee meetings varies depending on the activities of the subcommittee - some meet monthly, others less frequently. I f a member participates on a Request for Proposal (RFP) review panel, he or she will be expected to contribute an additional 10-20 hours for this activity.  The length of appointment varies between one and three years and members may be reappointed once.

Application process: If you are interested in becoming a member, please complete an application form, a letter of interest, and resume.  If you are applying for a specific district, you should also write a letter addressed to the King County Councilmember for that district.  If you are applying for one of the three County Executive positions, we must either confirm your membership on the King County Veterans' Program Advisory Board or ask for references so we can secure a nomination letter from the Director of the Department of Community and Human Services.  Finally, you will submit these items along with a "Statement of Financial and Other Interest" to: Marcy Kubbs.

Required application materials:

  1. Application Form (DOC) 
  2. Letter of interest
  3. Resume
  4. One of three items:
    • Letter addressed to Councilmember; or
    • Membership on the King County Veterans' Program Advisory Board confirmed; or
    • Nomination letter from the Director of the Department of Community and Human Services

Approval process: Letters and resumes of prospective appointees will be screened for basic eligibility requirements and an interview will be conducted.  After a successful interview, the candidate's application will be forwarded to the appropriate King County Councilmember's office (for district positions) or to the Director of the Department of Community and Human Services (for at-large positions) to be considered for nomination.


The King County Veterans Citizen Oversight Board (VCOB) is actively recruiting board members to fill seats on this board representing King County District 3 and 5.

For more information see: How to become a board member or find your County Council District here.

Meeting details

The VCOB typically meets on the third Thursday every other month, from 10:15 a.m. -12:15 p.m., at rotating meeting locations. Meetings will be held every other month or as needed, but at least quarterly. Please check the meeting calendar for specific meeting dates and times. The public is welcome. Joint board meetings with the Regional Human Services Oversight Board are held quarterly.

Board activities

2015 Veterans and Human Services Oversight Committee Meeting Dates

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