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Community and Human Services

Building vital communities, families and individuals
Department of Community and Human Services
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DCHS Contracting Service Areas


The mission of DCHS is to enhance the quality of life, protect rights and promote the self-sufficiency of our region's diverse individuals, families and communities.

Aging Program

Contact: Linda Wells
The Aging Program helps in a small but targeted way to fund operations at 26 multipurpose senior centers and adult day health programs, most of which serve residents of the county's unincorporated areas. More information.

Community Development Program

Contact: Kathy Tremper
The Community Development Program funds projects that benefit low and moderate-income communities and/or clients such as community facilities; public improvements such as parks, sidewalks, water and sewer systems; and minor housing repair. Non-profit agencies and local governments are eligible to apply for these funds annually. A Pre-Application is required. A subsequent detailed application must be completed and submitted to the Community Development Program by May 31 of each year. Awards are announced each year at the end of September. More information.

Developmental Disabilities (DDD) Services

Contact: Michaelle Monday to be notified of future funding opportunities.

DDD services are provided by contract with a wide range of community-based providers.

  • Birth to Three/Early Intervention Services are provided through contracted non-profit agencies to support infants and toddlers with a developmental delay or disability. Family Resource Coordinators assist families to access services to meet their child's individual needs. More information.
  • Employment Support Services assist individuals with developmental disabilities to find a job in the community, including on-the-job-training and job coaching to keep that job over the long term. More Information.
  • School-to-Work Project helps students with developmental disabilities leave school with paid employment through increased collaboration between schools and the adult service systems. More Information.
  • Parent Coalition, Parent Trainings and Advocacy Trainings promote and encourage individuals and parents to come together to discuss issues, advocate, and receive information and training on a wide variety of topics. More Information.
  • Social and Recreational Projects/Activities funds are awarded to organizations that encourage integration into the community by providing opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to access the same social and recreational activities that non-disabled individuals use in the community. More Information.
  • Ethnic Community Outreach Program provides culturally relevant services to families from diverse communities on how to navigate the service system on behalf of their family member. More Information.
  • In-Home Crisis Services for Families are provided in the home or other community locations to help families deal with behavioral and emotional challenges of children aged 3 to 17 years. Services are 8 to 12 weeks in duration. More Information.
  • Survival Services and Emergency Housing Assistance assists homeless individuals with developmental disabilities to access services, and increase independence and stability. More Information.
  • Information, Outreach and Assistance assists individuals to understand and navigate the developmental disabilities service system. More Information.
  • Technical Assistance and Training to agency staff, families and other community based service providers related to employment. More Information.

Employment Programs: Work Training / King County Jobs Initiative / Dislocated Worker / WorkSource Renton / Youth Programs

Contact: George Dignan 
Employment Programs collaborate with many community partners to create a customer focused workforce development system throughout Seattle-King County. Education and employment opportunities are in place to help youth and adults become successful in their careers. Young people are assisted to stay in school or re-engage in school through a variety of programs that build skills to ensure success in school and work. Adults are assisted to make smooth career transitions through the Seattle-King County WorkSource system. King County Jobs Initiative (KCJI) provides vocational training and job placement services for low-income, disadvantaged adults, working with a network of employers around the county. KCJI contracts with community-based organizations to perform account executive services and job readiness training, including outreach, recruitment, assessment, comprehensive case management, enrollment into job training, job placement and support services. More information.

Homeless Housing Program

Contact: Katy Miller
The Homeless Housing Program funds programs that provide emergency shelter, transitional housing, homelessness prevention services, and permanent supportive housing for families and individuals in King County. The program regularly runs Request for Proposal (RFP) processes related to a variety of federal, state and local funding sources. Program and eligibility requirements, as well as application dates and funding periods are in the RFP guidelines and are posted electronically. A technical assistance workshop is held early in each process to provide additional information and answer any questions a potential applicant may have. More information.

Housing Finance Program

Contact: John deChadenedes
The Housing Finance Program funds acquisition, rehabilitation, and new construction of permanent housing for low and moderate-income people, emergency and transitional housing, and first-time homebuyer assistance programs. Awards are made following an annual application/review process, and help leverage other public and private funding. Applicants include non-profit or for-profit development agencies and public housing authorities. More information.

Housing Repair Program

Contact: Clark Fulmer
The Housing Repair Program provides financial and technical assistance to eligible applicants for the purpose of repairing or rehabilitating homes in King County. Services are available to low to moderate-income homeowners. Contracts are negotiated with each eligible and approved homeowner. More information.

Mental Health, Chemical Abuse and Dependency Services Division (MHCADSD)

Contacts: Mental Health: Margaret Smith; Chemical Dependency: Dan Floyd; Alcohol and Drug Prevention: Jackie Berganio; MHCADSD coordinates comprehensive inpatient and outpatient mental health care for persons with severe mental illness and supports an effective system of prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery support for persons who are at risk for or who are dependent upon alcohol or other drugs. To be considered as a Mental Health and/or a Chemical Abuse and Dependency Services Network Provider, an applicant must have a community mental health center license or a Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse certification from the State of Washington. In addition, applicants must meet MHCADSD policy and procedure requirements related to credentialing and contract monitoring.

  • Mental health services include community-based outpatient services, residential treatment, inpatient services, and crisis services. More information.
  • Chemical dependency services include outreach, information and referral services, community-based outpatient services, opiate substitution treatment services, and sobering and detoxification services. More information.
  • Alcohol and drug prevention services are administered through a competitive bid process to support prevention services for children, youth, families and communities in King County. Organizations must have the necessary background and capacity to deliver evidence-based practices, which are recognized in the alcohol and other drug prevention field. Innovative practices will also be considered. More information.
  • Community Organizing Program works with community groups to generate ideas, facilitate productive meetings and implement solutions around the issues of substance abuse and violence. Their mini-grants support drug, alcohol and violence prevention activities. More information.

Special Programs

Contact: Linda Wells
Special Programs are one-time only funds designated through the annual county budget process for services or special projects supporting a range of community service areas. These funding awards must comply with all contracting requirements.

Veterans and Human Services Levy

Contact: Marcy Kubbs
This levy was approved by the voters in November 2005, creating a dedicated fund source for a range of housing and human services to assist veterans, military personnel and their families and others in need. Procurement plans and RFP are being developed by the Community Services Division. Updated information is available on the Veterans and Human Services Levy Web site. More information.

Veterans' Program

Contact:  Nancy Loverin 
The Veterans' Program provides financial assistance, employment services, short and long-term transitional housing, mental health and trauma counseling services to low-income, honorably discharged veterans, their families and their dependents residing in this county. Services are provided by county employees as well as by contractors. More information.

Women's Program

Contact: Linda Wells
The Women's Program funds domestic violence and sexual assault services, batterer's treatment, legal services, shelter and transitional housing services, information and referral, and interpreter services. More information.

Youth and Family Services Network

Contact: Stephanie Moyes 
The network is a group of community-based agencies that are located and serve youth and families in each of the 19 school districts in King County, providing a range of family support and individualized services to at-risk youth. More information.