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Contract development and monitoring process

When a contract has been awarded or new funding allocated, the agency will be contacted by a King County contract monitor/manager who will assist with each step of the process.

Contract development steps:

  1. Drafting a description of the specific services to be provided (called a work statement or program exhibit), program description, how payment will be made, and any reports required for submittal.

  2. Reviewing the standard contract boilerplates, completing any required forms, providing needed insurance certificates and endorsements, and having the appropriate authorized person sign the forms and the contract document.

  3. Contracts with the Mental Health, Chemical Abuse and Dependency Services Division (MHCADSD) may also require a special credentialing process to be completed prior to approval of any contracts.
Contract monitoring steps:
  1. The contract monitor/manager is the person responsible for monitoring compliance with the contract terms, and reviewing and approving all invoices submitted by the provider.

  2. The monitor/manager may also conduct a site visit during the term of the contract to review compliance with policies and the quality of work completed under the terms of the contract.

  3. MHCADSD has special monitoring requirements.  View here.