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Public Health - Seattle & King County

Resources for individuals and families

Planning tools

Pandemic Flu Planning Guide

Information for the Public on Facemask and Respirator Use In Non-Occupational Community Settings during an Influenza Pandemic

Preparing for Pandemic Influenza: A personal and family guide
(in multiple languages by the WA State Dept. of Health)

Pandemic flu planning checklist for individuals and families
Public Health - Seattle & King County developed this checklist to help reduce the impact of a flu pandemic at home, at work, and in your neighborhoods. It includes lists of emergency supplies and medical and health supplies needed in the event of a pandemic, as well as recommendations for contingency plans.

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Family Health Information Sheet (PDF)
If there is a flu pandemic or other medical emergency, a list of health information about your family will be important. Use this template to keep track of vital health information.

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Preparing for Pandemic Influenza: A personal and family guide from the Washington State Department of Health. This brochure provides basic information about pandemic influenza, including what to expect during a pandemic and what you can do now to prepare.

Individual and Families Planning
From the federal Department of Health and Human Services. Includes checklists, guides and information to help you prepare for pandemic influenza.

Information about caring for someone with the flu

Preventing the spread of influenza
This information sheet offers guidance on recognizing the symptoms of flu and how to prevent the spread of the flu virus at home and in the community when caring for someone who has the flu. This information can be used during a typical flu season as well as during a flu pandemic.

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How to care for someone with influenza
Most patients with pandemic flu will be able to remain at home during the course of their illness and can be cared for by family members or others who live in the household. This information sheet is intended to help families and caregivers care for ill persons in the home, both during a typical influenza season and during an influenza pandemic.

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General information

Questions and answers about pandemic flu and avian flu

"Be prepared for pandemic bird flu," Op-ed in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer by Dorothy Teeter, Interim Director and Health Officer for Public Health - Seattle & King County.
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