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Public Health - Seattle & King County

Seattle Partners for Healthy Communities

Seattle Partners for Healthy Communities (Seattle Partners) was established in 1995 as a CDC-funded Urban Research Center. This was a multidisciplinary collaboration of community agencies, community activists, public health professionals, academics, and health providers which had a mission to improve the health of urban, marginalized Seattle communities by conducting community-based collaborative research. The goal of our research was to identify promising approaches through which communities and professionals can address the social determinants of health and thereby prevent disease and promote healthy behaviors and environments.

Seattle Partners worked to improve the health and quality of life of urban, disadvantaged Seattle communities by promoting activities which are effective in preventing disease, promoting healthy behaviors and environments, and influencing the underlying social factors that affect health such as education, income, housing and economic development.

Community collaboration principles

Community collaboration was an essential element of the Center’s activities. The Center has adopted the following principles to guide this collaboration:

  • Community involved in plans and development from the beginning
  • Community partners have real influence on Center direction and activities
  • Community involved with specific projects in objectives and selection, implementation and evaluation
  • The values, perspectives, contributions and confidentiality of everyone in the community are respected
  • Research process and outcomes will serve the community by sustaining useful projects, producing long-term benefit for the community, and developing community capacity (training and jobs)
Board of Seattle Partners

The Board of Seattle Partners, after carefully reviewing options for sustaining our work, has decided to end the Urban Research Center phase of our work and Board structure. We will complete a report of accomplishments and continue involvement in the Association of Schools of Public Health/CDC project "Examining Community-Institutional Partnerships for Prevention Research".