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Developmental Disabilities Division

Department of Community and Human Services

Developmental Disabilities Division

Chinook Building
401 Fifth Avenue, Suite 520
Seattle, WA  98104
Phone: 206-263-9055
Fax: 206-205-1632
TTY: 711 Relay Service

Department: Community and Human Services
Adrienne Quinn, Director

Employment Services

The DSHS/DDA contracts with King County to provide an array of day program services. Programs are individualized and community based. The KCDDD has the responsibility to assess system needs, administer contracts, and monitor service delivery. Employment programs for adults are the responsibility of King County.

See: Guide to Employment (PDF)

See: In House. Children's Hospital newsletter featuring Ta Yao, a young man successfully employed through the King County-sponsored Project Search.

See: Working Age Adult Policy presentation by Linda Rolfe, Director, DSHS/DDD to the Washington State House of Representatives Human Services Committee on June 30, 2008, on the history of the Working Age Adult Policy, current outcomes, and plans for future.

School-to-Work Program

A project to help students with developmental disabilities leave school with paid employment.

School to Work

Employment Training Opportunities

Navigating the Employment System
A road map of support agencies, timelines, and resources available for individuals on a pathway to employment.

Employment Service Providers in King County
Contracted agencies that support people with disabilities to prepare for, obtain, and maintain successful employment.

Working Age Adult Policy
Promotes gainful employment in integrated settings in the community for working age adults with developmental disabilities.

Great Hires Video
Showcasing the benefit of hiring individuals with significant disabilities, this employer-to-employer video introduces viewers to local employers who have opened their doors to this valuable and often overlooked labor pool.

Employment FAQs
Answers to common questions about employment services.

Kevin's Law
Allowing students whose individualized education program continues beyond high school to participate in high school graduation ceremonies.