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King County Executive News

King County Executive News
Sept. 8, 2011

Executive: American Jobs Act will help put people of King County back to work

Urges Congress to act quickly

King County Executive Dow Constantine tonight urged support for President Obama's job creation plan:

"My top priority has been to build prosperity and get people back to work, and President Obama tonight laid out a bold proposal to make that happen.

"His plan would rebuild King County's economy by putting more people back to work, including teachers who've been laid off due to state budget cuts; our military veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan; our first responders; the construction workers who are needed to rebuild our roads, bridges and schools; and the long-term unemployed who are struggling to keep their heads above water while looking for a job that can support a family.

"I urge our Congressional delegation, Democrats and Republicans alike, to get the American Jobs Act passed quickly, and get our people back to work"