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King County Executive News

King County Executive News
Oct. 13, 2011

"A commitment for jobs, a passion for equal opportunity"
Westlake Park

October 13, 2011

Thank you to everyone for being here to show our unified and clear support for a better future for our region, and nation.

Like you, I am drawn here today by a commitment for jobs, a passion for equal opportunity, and a belief that the collective voice of "We The People" can still make an impact.

I grew up across the bay--in West Seattle--my parents were teachers, my grandfather and his father were mill workers.

My friends' parents made a good living from an honest day's work at the steel mill, or the docks, or of course an airplane factory down in the Duwamish Valley.

Jobs with benefits, community pride in public service, a nation that believed in--and honored--the middle class; that believed in a better future for our children.

I'm not being nostalgic--I'm simply stating what should be obvious: a small group of powerful people--public and private--has worked aggressively and deliberately to steal that dream and undermine middle class stability.

Today, together, we say "enough."

We want our future back.

I have made it my work here in King County to provide the environment for jobs and prosperity. I have reached out to regional employers large and small to partner in these efforts--as well as our long-time friends in labor, the environmental community, and in our neighborhoods.

Our shared vision and commitment can succeed, but regional economic stability only really counts if great prosperity is also broad prosperity - fueled by good jobs in both traditional and new industries. It only counts if we restore the middle class. If we allow everyone the opportunity to succeed.

I believe we are going to make positive change a reality. That we can--and must-- chart a better course for our shared future.

For jobs. For families. For all of us.

Thank you for your energy and passion. Thank you for seeking to hold the powerful accountable. Thank you for caring enough to be the voice for this just cause.