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Finding Credible Health Information Online - Dr. Linda Pourmassina, Internal Medicine, The Polyclinic
Wed., April 11, 12:15 – 1:15 PM, Chinook 123
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Anyone can publish anything they want on the internet true or not. So, how do you know when you do a search you are getting creditable information? Dr. Pourmassina will talk about the online sources you can trust – and what you should avoid.

Making Life Easier's April newsletter

Employees: A Magic Wand for Effective Communications - April 10, noon - 12:30 pm
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Managers: Good Communications is Good Business - April 12, noon - 12:30 pm
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Puget Sound Health Alliance Community Checkup Report

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In the News

Generic drugs proving resistant to damage suits

Study finds dramatic rise in skin cancer among young adults

Popcorn is packed with antioxidants

Small-picture approach flips medical economics

Exercise as housecleaning for the body

Tobacco companies must report chemical levels in cigarettes

Time is growing short to begin your individual action plan APRIL 21 IS THE DEADLINE
Time is growing short to begin your individual action plan

If you’re one of the 3,940 who completed the wellness assessment by Feb. 12 but haven’t yet begun your individual action plan, time is growing very, very short for you to get started. More  


Living with Chronic Diseases: The Faces of Sickle Cell

The Faces of Sickle Cell
My story is not just about Sickle Cell Disease. Anyone managing a chronic condition or caring for someone afflicted will be able to relate. This forum will provide important information on Sickle Cell Disease and will give insight into how workplaces can support those in the unique and often trying position of caring for a loved one who is ill. More

Ride a Bike in the Tour de Cure to Fight Diabetes

County employees - Ride a Bike in the Tour de Cure to Fight Diabetes

It’s a Seattle/King County throw down! You don’t have to raise funds to participate.  The Tour de Cure raises awareness about Diabetes and benefits the American Diabetes Association (ADA). More

A guide to growing tomatoes in Seattle

A guide to growing tomatoes in Seattle

The Employee Giving Garden is kicking off its third year this spring. Attend a class, volunteer or watch us online to learn how to grow and prepare healthy food. We start with a guide to growing the perfect tomatoes. More

What Can You Do to Improve Communication with Your Doctor?OWN YOUR HEALTH

What Can You Do to Improve Communication with Your Doctor?

Clear communication with your doctor is important to your health. But it doesn’t always happen. Own Your Health shares some ideas and resources to help you face some common communication challenges. By getting informed and involved, you can help your doctor provide you better care.   More

10 tips for breaking away from sugar

10 tips for breaking away from sugar - for good

Want to bust your sugar habit? Please visit our Healthy Incentives Blog for Health Educator Christi Masi’s best strategies and most delicious foods that will help you break away.

Get Mad Get Fit!

Renee and her team are competing for GOLD in The Live Well Challenge. We visited the team during one of their work outs on a recent Saturday morning. Watch the video and learn why this team is infectious with enthusiasm! Not only are they recruiting their co-workers (every member of the team is a Metro Driver), but also their family and friends.

Check out the video!

Get moving to boost your brain

Get moving to boost your brain

Did you know that physical activity can create new oxygen “highways” in your brain? Here’s how physical fitness is also brain fitness.   More

Are You Sleepless in Seattle?

Are You Sleepless in Seattle?It’s often noted that you spend a third of your life sleeping, but for many, that’s wishful thinking.  Trouble sleeping is one of the most common complaints people have. More

Watch the Sleepless in Seattle Lunch and Learn video

12 more reasons to quit now
12 more reasons to quit now

Most smokers already know the health risks associated with smoking.  Here are 12 more reasons – and maybe some surprises– to quit now and be successful.  More
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