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Prosecuting Attorney's Office

Daniel T. Satterberg

King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office
King County Courthouse, Room W554
516 Third Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104-2362
(206) 296-9000


Oct. 10, 2011

PAO Granted Funds to Combat Gang Violence

The King County Council recently agreed to provide funding to allow the PAO to form a dedicated gang violence unit.  These funds come at the end of a two-year federal grant, and will allow the PAO to continue to work closely with law enforcement to combat gang violence, particularly in South King County.

There are scores of criminal street gangs in King County.  They are a constant presence in some communities and for some of our youth.  Members of these street gangs recruit, intimidate, rob, steal, and sell drugs.  They also resort to violence to advance the cause of their particular gang.  Prosecuting criminal gang activity is particularly challenging, and is marked by a noticeable lack of cooperation by victims and witnesses.

To learn more about the PAO's and law enforcement's efforts to combat gang violence, please click here to watch Dan Satterberg's recent television interview with Q-13 news reporter C.R. Douglas. (6.11 minutes)

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