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Prosecuting Attorney's Office

Daniel T. Satterberg
March 1
Curtis Thompson -- Guilty of First-Degree Rape
The defendant now faces life in prison without possibility of release under Washington's "Two Strikes and You're Out" law for sexual assaults.
March 1
More on the PAO's Ongoing Series on Diversity
The PAO's Diversity Committee is offering a series of monthly presentations that focus on distinct communities within King County.
March 1
Meet the PAO's Records Section
The Records Section of the Criminal Division is the heartbeat of the PAO's criminal operations.
March 1
CASE UPDATES: March 2009
State v. Ali . . . State v. Hernandez . . . State v. Miller . . . & other cases
Feb. 5
CASE UPDATES: February 2009
State v. Aslanyan . . . State v. Barkoff & Horton . . & other cases
Feb. 5
A Special Call-Out To The PAO's Hardworking Paralegals
The PAO could not function without the support of these outstanding professionals.
Feb. 5
Appreciating and Understanding Cultural Diversity
The PAO will be inviting community leaders to come to our office and share information about their backgrounds, beliefs, and the concerns of different groups sharing common cultural and historical heritage.
Feb. 5
U.S. Supreme Court Victory
Nearly fifteen years have passed since 16-year-old Missy Fernandes was killed in a drive-by shooting outside Ballard High School.
Feb. 5
A Citizen Hero, Hospital Staff, Police and DNA Stop a Predator
The defendant, Angel Galvan-Hernandez, may not have been caught had it not been for the courageous actions of a real-life hero.
Jan. 12
CASE UPDATES: January 2009
State v. Cruse . . . State v. Joslin . . . & other cases
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