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Prosecuting Attorney's Office

Daniel T. Satterberg
April 1
Juvenile Offender Population Drops
In the mid-90s, nationally noted criminologists warned of the coming wave of "Super-Predator" violent youth.
April 1
Meet The PAO's Juvenile Section
The Juvenile Section of the Criminal Division, located at the Youth Service Center near 12th and Alder, is responsible for prosecuting juvenile criminal offenses in King County.
April 1
Maintaining Community Safety In Tough Budget Times
At a time when the State of Washington is facing an unprecedented $9 billion budget deficit, the Washington Association of Prosecuting Attorneys (WAPA) and the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs (WASPC) have united.
April 1
Shaving Down the Number of Car Thefts
Senior DPA Shaya Calvo, head of the Prosecuting Attorney's Office (PAO's) Car Theft Initiative (CTI), promised detectives that he would shave his head.
April 1
Seattle TV Show Highlights Complexities of Drug Addiction
Dan Satterberg appeared on a recent episode of the television show "City Inside/Out," hosted by C.R. Douglas.
April 1
CASE UPDATES: April 2009
State v. Clark . . . State v. Sardarpour . . . State v. Lopez-Aguliar . . . & other cases
March 5
Drug Crimes in Washington: Change Has Come
Here is an interesting fact: Five years ago, 22% of inmates in state prison were there for drug crimes; today, it is 13%.
March 1
Defendant Pleads Guilty in Double-Homicide
Defendant Vincent W. Housley, age 44, faces a recommended 55 years in prison after pleading guilty at arraignment to two counts of First-Degree Murder.
March 1
"Mental Health Court Without Borders" To Serve Cities
Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg has partnered with King County District Court Presiding Judge Barbara Linde in an effort to expand the Mental Health Court.
March 1
Court of Appeals Rules That Truants Have Right to Counsel
Students who are summoned to court as the result of a truancy petition have the right to counsel at the initial court hearing.
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